BrownBox New Features

Besides a new and improved user interface (and name), there a lot of changes in the new Brown University BrownBox (formally  Multi-file upload, e-mail notification, multiple external uploads are just some of the features.  Below is a list of most of the new features you will find and how to use them.  Don't see a feature you want, let us know, we are constantly trying to improve the BrownBox to serve the needs of the Brown community.

User Interface

The new interface has a more readable layout, and will resize with your web browser.  The interface will allow you to make changes to files you have already uploaded, including changing the description, Login requirements, password, and e-mail notification (A).  You can now easily see if a file in your BrownBox was uploaded by an external user (B), and how many times your file has been downloaded (C).

Sorting files:   Files in your BrownBox can be sorted by Name, Size, Date Uploaded and Last Access Time.  To sort your files, just click on the label bar above your files (D).  Hovering over this bar will also describe what information is provided.

File Progress:  When uploading large files, the BrownBox will now let you know the file upload progress (on files less than 2GB).  As long as the file progress is being updated, you know that your files are still being uploaded.

Multi-Delete and Confirmation:  You can now select multiple files, and delete them all at once.  When deleting files, BrownBox will now ask for confirmation.
User Interface

Re-Usable External Upload Link

You can now create an upload link that can be used up to 50 times before it expires.  You can create multiple upload links with different properties, including sending you an e-mail when a new file has been uploaded to your dropbox.

E-Mail Notification

You can now choose to get e-mail notifications when someone downloads a file from your BrownBox.  You can also receive an e-mail notification if someone is using an external upload link as well.

Multi-File Upload

You can now select and upload multiple files at the same time.  If you add a password or description, it will be applied to all the files that are uploaded.  The upload progress will show you the progress of all files being uploaded.

Selecting multiple files to upload

Download Groups

Don't want to cut and paste the URL for all the files you want somone to download?  Now you can select those files and create a group download.  The user can still download each file individually, but you only have to send one URL that lists all of the files in the download group.  This is also a really good way to organize your BrownBox files.  Deleting a group does NOT delete the files.

Create Download Group
Download Group

Large File Upload

While we still only support files 2GB or less, the new BrownBox allows files up to 8GB in size.  This will not work with all browsers, but is known to work with the Chrome browser and later versions of Firefox.